WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy
WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that makes disappearing messages a default option with the multiple time durations. WhatsApp launched it’s message disappearing feature about an year ago. In this feature users are able to mark photos, videos and messages to disappear after 7 days. Group admins can set this feature for direct messages.

The latest development it has added to this feature allows users to set all new chat disappearing by default. This gives the users the choice to move away from the habitual world of permanent digital record of everything they share. In addition to this option, the meta owned social networking platform is also adding two new time period for disappearing messages. To know in details about this option read the post.

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WhatsApp New Default Disappearing messages

WhatsApp was started with a main motive of connecting the world privately. Our conversations are moving more towards digital from face to face now a days. Face to face conversations give us the confidence that whatever we are sharing is not being recorded and stored. Every person deserves the freedom of sharing their thoughts with confidence and without any fear. Keeping the privacy of it’s users in mind WhatsApp introduced disappearing messages in its feature.

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And after a year it had added a new option that makes disappearing messages a default option with multiple durations. This new option will provide us with more control and privacy with default disappearing messages. You can turn on this option for all new chats. You can now control the time duration of disappearing messages.

When you enable this option all new one to one chats you or the other person starts will set to disappear. It will start at your chosen time duration. The platform has also added a new option while creating a group chat, you can turn it on or off for groups you create. However group admin have the authority to change group settings. It allows only admins to turn disappearing messages or not.

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WhatsApp new new time duration

The latest feature is totally optional and it neither changes or deletes any of your previous existing chats. The company is providing two new time duration for disappearing messages. It has already the existing option of 7 days and two newly added is 24 hours and 90 days. Users can set the disappearing messages for 24 hours or 90 days or 3 months.

WhatsApp will display a message in your chats telling you that this is the default you have chosen, If you choose to switch on default disappearing messages. It makes the company policy clear that it is nothing personal as this option is a choice you make on how you want to communicate with others on WhatsApp. Although if you want a particular conversation to remain permanent, you can easily switch a chat back.

To access this feature, go to your ‘privacy settings’ and select ‘Default message timer’. If you create a backup for disappearing messages, the message will also include in the backup. When you restore from a backup the disappearing messages deleted for you.


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