WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts
WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts

WhatsApp is releasing a new update ‘Viewing Reaction Info‘ for Android users. This update will be available to the users through ‘Google play beta program’ which will upgrade the current version to This feature is currently under development and will be available to the users in coming update. WhatsApp has been recently working on a Message reaction feature for a while now.

When you enable this feature it will let you react to a message. Interesting point is that instead of simple response through text message you will be able to react using a special set of emojis. In the following post we will tell you about new released ‘REACTION INFO’ feature in details.

WhatsApp new Viewing Message Reaction Info

We are seeing a lot of new WhatsApp features coming out recently. All the features have their own specifications. We are going to tell you about one such new under development feature which will bring all the hidden tracks of Message reactions on WhatsApp beta.

Reaction is normally an emoji that you can use instead of a message to express emotions. Last week an article was published about a new under development feature working on the possibility of viewing reaction info for WhatsApp messages. The feature was declared to be released in a future update. This latest WhatsApp beta for Android update shows us how the feature works for Android users.

If you look at the available preview you will know what WhatsApp message reaction will offer you. This feature is already present in the Facebook messenger and Instagram. Now the platform plans to introduce it for WhatsApp also. The concept is of course the same. The first tab of WhatsApp shows all message reactions and in the next tab you will see the individual filter reactions. You will be able to see who reacted to a message by viewing ‘Reaction Info’.

You will get all the reaction information by tapping the ‘All’ tab. This tab is present in the pop up menu of message reaction. This will allow you to see all the members who reacted to a specific message and also how they reacted. One notable point is that this is an optional feature. This means that you will be able to turn it off or on by using a toggle button available in the settings section of the app.

Furthermore developments are to be made for this feature so it is not yet made available to the public. No release date has been announced for the reaction info feature. But we hope to get it soon in a future update. We are focus and will keep you inform if there is any news.


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