WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message
WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message

WhatsApp is releasing a new Reaction Notifications for Desktop beta user. This update will be available to the WhatsApp Desktop beta clients through the official beta channel. With this update the version reaches to 2.2147.11. This update reveals that this Meta owned instant messaging platform is working on message reaction notification. WhatsApp has been working on the message react ions feature for quite some time.

As clear from it’s name this feature allows users to react to messages. Users can react on the message as same way they react to comments and posts on Facebook. Earlier WhatsApp had no such plans for notifying users of message reactions. But later the app team began to work on developing it for beta version of iOS users and then Android users. Now it is working on providing the same feature for Desktop clients.

WhatsApp releasing the new Reactions Notifications

In a previous article about WhatsApp beta for Android and WhatsApp beta for iOS updates, we discussed on the possibilities to mange reactions notifications in WhatsApp notification settings. You will be able to use the new reaction notifications once it rollout. You can toggle message reaction settings within the application in the current 2.21.2147.11 update.

In the available preview you can see that when ‘message reaction’ feature will be available in future update, you will get a new setting along with the feature. The new setting will allow you to mute all the notification when you receive any reaction. This is however a little different from Android. Android offers the setting to mute notifications of message reactions for group chats where as this option is not available to the web or Desktop users. For Desktop, it will mute all the reactions of group chats as well as individual chat.

If you have already installed this update and still cannot access it in your WhatsApp account, it is because this feature is not yet out for public. However no announcements have been made for it’s official release date, WhatsApp has plans to release it in a future update. This means, you have to wait for a little more time for the WhatsApp new reactions notifications feature. For more news on coming updates keep following us.


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