WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts
WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts

WhatsApp is rolling out the five new features. It is at present apparently working on a collection of new feature that is concerned with mostly usability and privacy amid other things. WhatsApp being one of the most in demand instant messaging app is very commonly used by people from all over the world. Keeping it’s billions of users in mind WhatsApp always keeps on introducing new interesting features to keep up with time.

It keeps on providing new updates very often. At present WhatsApp is evidently working on a bunch of new features related to utility, privacy and many other. Recently WhatsApp introduced a custom sticker making tool for desktop users which will be available soon. Here we will discuss about all the ‘Five latest Features for WhatsApp’, that will soon be in hand to the users for a better chat experience.

WhatsApp rolling out five new features soon

First added feature among the five is ‘Time – Limit for Deleting messages’. This is the most recent feature introduced in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is planning to change time – limit to delete messages. Presently users are able to delete messages up to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. Now the plan is to increase it to 7 days and 8 minutes. Previously WhatsApp was reported to remove the time limit for deleting messages but according to the latest news this plan has changed.

However the time limit for deleting messages feature is still under development. Second added feature is ‘Playback Controls for Audio messages’. WhatsApp has rolled out this feature few time back. In this feature the users will be able to regulate the playback speed of voice messages. Users will be able to increase the playback speed of voice notes by 2x. But reducing speed option is still not available.

Five new upcoming feature

The third feature ‘Privacy Setting for last seen profile photo’, has been around for a while. WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow users to hide their last seen, profile photo and status from unwanted contacts. This feature is currently available for both beta testers for Android and iOS. At present three options are available to WhatsApp users for status, profile picture and last seen – “Everyone”, “Nobody” and ” My Contacts”.

According to a recent report now WhatsApp will add, ” My Contacts… Except” option to this. This will allow users to choose who will be able to see their personal information. The fourth feature is ‘Photo Editor’. This is an in – app build feature. WhatsApp officially declared this feature at the beginning of this month. The company added that it is trying to bring the Photo Editor to WhatsApp web.

This new feature will enable the users to text or crop and rotate their WhatsApp screen photos and also enable them to add stickers. The last but not the least added feature is ‘Sticker Maker for Mobile App’. Following the launch of the sticker maker for WhatsApp web, it is reported that now the company is planning to launch the same feature for mobile app too. At present users can only send stickers using pre-loaded or third party sticker packs.

But according to a recent report the company is planning to let Android and iOS design their own stickers in recent coming updates. n the above article we gave you details about five latest features that are soon to be released in WhatsApp to give you a better chat experience. We will keep you informed about any such coming updates in future too. For all the latest news stay with us.


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