WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message
WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message

WhatsApp is rolling out a new Search Message Shortcut feature for Android. This update has submitted through the Google Play Beta program with this update the version reaches to According to reports the instant messaging app is enabling this feature for beta Android users. The platform has added a search option on chat details page in this current update.

You all know that WhatsApp keeps testing the new features with Beta updates before finally releasing them to more users. Currently WhatsApp has released a number of shortcut features for various services. Find out the details of this latest Search Message Shortcut in this article.

WhatsApp New shortcut to Search Message

Last year the messaging platform released a new redesigned contact Info for WhatsApp beta Android users. This same feature was already available for business Info. Reports revealed that the WhatsApp developers team was working on developing the same new design for contact Info on WhatsApp iOS beta also, which included a search shortcut too. In this current beta update the platform is rolling out the search shortcut to select Android beta testers.

As per report, it is confirmed that the popular Messaging platform is adding the search shortcut to the new designed contact Info page in the chat details section. This same shortcut will be visible to some users for group Info as well. This shortcut allows you to search in WhatsApp personal chats as well as group chats. The report further also mentions that the search shortcut is not working properly so far.

Even if the feature is available for your WhatsApp account, the new search shortcut may not appear to you in certain situations. As this feature is still being tested by the beta testers such things are expected to happen. But you will surely get the improved version in next beta updates. As mentioned earlier the Search Message Shortcut has already been rolled out to certain beta testers.

So be sure to install the latest beta version on Google Play Store to get this feature. Those who don’t see this feature on your WhatsApp account after installing the latest update also, need to wait for some time. Credit goes to Sc, MUHAMMAD HAMMAD, Kingcyrious, Uyangoda for testing and reporting this feature. For more updates on all upcoming new developments stay connected to us.



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