WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy
WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy

WhatsApp is ready to roll out a new update ‘New Media Layout’ for WhatsApp beta. This update will be available to the beta testers through ‘Google play beta program’ and with this update the version reaches to This feature is currently under development but WhatsApp has plans to release this feature in a coming update.

In this update WhatsApp is testing the new layout for sharing media files such as photos, videos and GIF’S. WhatsApp is providing a neat layout to users for media sharing. However this is a very minor UI change in the middle of all the disagreements regarding this feature. So, let us find out more about this latest update in this post.

WhatsApp rolling out New Media Layout

WhatsApp has recently released a bug fix update for those users who experienced some glitches after they installed the WhatsApp beta for Android update. In this update WhatsApp added ‘Migrate Media’ option to fix the issue because a lot of users were complaining as the option did not work on their device. However the issue has been fixed now and WhatsApp is ready with another latest feature.

After updating the new version, WhatsApp will start testing minor change in the format of the display for sending media files likes photos, videos, GIF’S and more. Specifically this feature will bring you all the hidden references regarding the new layout while sharing media files, which will be available to you in a coming update.

However this feature is still under development but a preview is available for you. The WhatsApp team is introducing some small User interface changes in the future update. Apart from this change, in the new layout you can also choose the recipient of current media. Such as, this will be very helpful while submitting your new status updates. This new layout will allow you to change your status privacy settings.

As we have already mentioned earlier that this feature is still in the developing process and is not available to people at present. As known, all developing features have the tendency to change for more improvements. This ‘new media layout’ feature also tend to change it’s appearance before releasing.

But we are tracking it to find out what other features will be added to make it more compatible for you. We will explain those to you in details if there is any information regarding this. Thus, keep following us for all the coming updates.



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