WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message
WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message

WhatsApp is working on a new feature Add Groups to Communities for beta testers on Android devices. With this update the version reaches up to The newly added feature brings the ability to Add groups to a community. The platform is planning to release this feature in a later update. A new mysterious group is automatically available on the app with the new ability.

WhatsApp has submitted this update through the Google Play beta program. The latest feature of WhatsApp messenger beta for Android is another great version of the popular messenger and chat software for all operating systems presented by the developers team. So let is find out what is new about this feature.

WhatsApp working on new feature – Add groups to communities

The Meta owned messaging platform has been working on a community feature for some time. In a previous article on ‘WhatsApp beta for Android’ this had been already explained. That the app is working on the the capability to link existing groups to communities. This will be a new WhatsApp private place which will be available in a later update. This update has hidden references about a feature that allows the users to add groups to the community.

In an available screenshot shared by a source you can see that the the section is quite similar to the one that was published in the article about the WhatsApp messenger beta for iOS update. In that preview you spotted a mysterious new group called ‘Announcements’. This group is automatically created by WhatsApp when you create a community. But there is no information about this new group that automatically available.

So why is it there? This group is only available for the community admins to send the messages. Also, that message will automatically forward to all the linked groups of the community. Or is it place where other than group admin everyone else has read – only access? Anyhow you need to wait for a new update to know its actual purpose.

However this feature is still under development process so it is not yet available to beta testers and you cannot access this feature right now. But of course, It will be possible to create communities in a future update. Keep reading us for more information on new updates.


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