WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts
WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts

WhatsApp is currently working on a new update for iOS messenger beta “removing broadcast lists”. Just after WhatsApp announced WhatsApp messenger beta for iOS 22.1.71, it is ready with another announcement about a new feature which is under development. With this update the version reaches to 22.2 1.72.

The Instant messaging platform has submitted this new update through the Testflight beta program. The version of the same update marked within WhatsApp settings is This update gives information about removing broadcast list from the chat list. The platform is planning to move broadcast list to the contact list at a later date. Let us find out what is new in this WhatsApp update for iOS.

Moving broadcast lists on messenger beta for iOS

New WhatsApp update provides more details about removing ‘Broadcast Lists’ and ‘New group’ from the chat list. The broadcast list will be obtainable in your contacts list at a future date. The Meta owned app is working on making the chats list fully clean. For this, the developers team have to remove some fixed UI elements.

Particularly the team is arranging to remove the row where at present you can open your broadcast list and form new groups. These options are available at the chat lists row since years. With the ‘start new chat’ button given at the top right corner of your screen you can already create a new group in fact. This means there is no problem in removing that row. The main issue is that what about the broadcast list when the row is removed.

Through a screenshot shared by a source it is clearly visible that the platform is working to eliminate ‘Broadcast list’ and ‘New group’ from the chats list in a coming update. It is also seen in the preview that for ‘broadcast’. There will be a new entry point within your contact list which will be available by typing the same ‘start new chat’ button at the top right corner of your display.

Although this is a small change from the WhatsApp developers team but hope this gives you a great experience. As mentioned earlier, this is an under development feature so the changes are not available for now. We all know every under development features tend to change for more improvements before their final release. It is same with this feature too.

However there is no release date known till now but we are expecting it soon in a future update. Be with us for more updates and latest news.


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