WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy
WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy

WhatsApp is rolling out ‘Advanced Search Filters‘, a new feature for business accounts. The second new feature of business account allows users to filter search results using new options. This feature lets it’s WhatsApp business beta users filter their messages and chats from contacts, non contacts and unread.

Just after announcing ‘filtering business nearby’ feature for certain users which is to be released at a later date, the platform is now ready with another feature for business account using new options. Let us learn more about this feature in this article.

Advanced search filters for WhatsApp business Accounts

The new feature to business account users will allow them to search more accurately within the chat box. This can prove to be helpful among long threads and define them by contacts, non contact and unread. If this feature is already available for your WhatsApp business account then you will see these new options when you search for your chats and messages. As reported this feature will make it easier to search for a message in chats.

As per the shared screenshot of the feature you can see that the Contacts, Non – contacts and unread option is below the photos, videos, links, GIF’s, audio and documents option. When you use the options you can view the results quickly according to your choice. For example if you want to search for photos from the three additional categories select the required option. This will narrow your searches further.

This also means that you can combine different conditions when using these options. However the screenshot is taken on WhatsApp business for Android, but the same feature has also been released on WhatsApp business accounts for iOS also. Notably, the advanced search feature is at present available only for WhatsApp business beta.

The platform has no plans to release it on WhatsApp Messenger because the feature is more useful for WhatsApp business account. If you have a WhatsApp business account and did not receive the feature that means your WhatsApp account will receive it after updating WhatsApp business in the next few days or weeks. Follow us for more up-to-date news about all the latest releases and features.



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