WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy
WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature for desktop beta Sticker Store. This update will be available to the desktop users through official beta channel. In the last update WhatsApp feature for beta testers for Android This new update will bring the version up to 2.2147.9.

Stickers are the most effective way to present one’s feelings without using words. They are humorous and light-hearted. They can easily convey your message to the people around you in a witty way. This is why stickers became so popular as soon as they were introduced in this social media platform.

It hasn’t been long since WhatsApp released sticker feature for Desktop users which allows you to design your own stickers from images. This time WhatsApp is again ready with a new feature for desktop on stickers. To find out what’s new this time go through this post.

WhatsApp rolling out new Sticker Store feature

WhatsApp is releasing new feature for the Desktop users recently. Just after introducing ‘create stickers from images’ on WhatsApp desktop beta, WhatsApp is now ready with this new release. This latest feature allows you to explore the sticker store straight from the Desktop.

Previously you could download sticker packs on WhatsApp’s sticker store from Android and iOS device. After downloading you could easily use them for your chats. Now WhatsApp has released the same feature fir the Desktop beta testers. In the same way it is available to the web users by just tapping plus(+) icon present in the sticker tray. The same sticker packs that you see on your device are present in the sticker store.

But it works on a different way, that is you can choose a particular sticker from sticker pack for sending to a chat but you can’t download it. WhatsApp has attached one additional quality to this feature that is, to find a sticker pack of a sticker from your chat you just have to tap on that particular sticker.

WhatsApp desktop beta 2.2147.9 is a compatible update for Desktop. This feature has been released just today so it might take some time for some of your WhatsApp accounts who don’t find the feature after installing the latest update.

Heartiest thanks to Mateus, Hypogriff and Eloy for testing and reporting this feature. However ‘WhatsApp sticker store’ is available to beta testers using latest update of WhatsApp desktop beta, but more activations are in the line for everyone shortly.


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