WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message
WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message

WhatsApp release the new Skin tone Combination feature. WhatsApp has been releasing new features at a regular basis through beta updates from quite some time. This popular social media platform has apparently added new choice to it’s present features.

At the time when we all are expecting to see a new bug fix update in this Facebook owned app to talk about the crash on Android 12, WhatsApp is ready to release a new feature about emojis. Update for WhatsApp beta for Android on bug fix is already at hand as web release.

It is ready to rollout new skin tone combinations this time for beta for android. This Meta owned app is currently authorizing a latest feature which will allow users to choose different skin tone combinations while selecting couple emojis.

WhatsApp release skin tone combinations feature on Android

It hasn’t been long since WhatsApp had released ‘WhatsApp messenger beta for iOS′. This time WhatsApp is ready with a new release for ’emojis’ section.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media and instant messaging app. The biggest reason of it’s popularity is it’s international pool of users. Day by day it is gaining more popularity hitting billions of active users. It started as a simple, secure and reliable messaging service and took off with time.

WhatsApp offers many features and customizations to it’s users. One such customization offered this time is “skin tone combinations”. WhatsApp is eventually rolling out the chance to design distinct skin tone combinations for couple emojis. This feature was earlier seen in the ‘WhatsApp beta for android’ changelog. WhatsApp has already assembled all till date possibilities available. Still users can pick different combinations of their choice in couple emojis.

However, since this feature was under growth, WhatsApp is implementing this option only for select beta testers. So, if you don’t see this feature after installing the most recent update also, don’t worry as it might take a while for your account.


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