WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy
WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy

It isn’t long since WhatsApp released an update on stickers for Desktop users. The feature allows users to create their own personalized sticker from images in their gallery. This time WhatsApp is again ready to rolling out one more new feature forwarding sticker. Stickers provides people a fun way of conversation. Soon after WhatsApp introduced stickers on the platform it gained popularity.

WhatsApp stickers permits user to send different stickers to your chat. Users very widely and fondly use these stickers while chatting. WhatsApp is again ready with one more improvement in this amazing feature. Details on how WhatsApp has improved its sticker feature is given below.

WhatsApp rolling out the new Forwarding Sticker feature

WhatsApp is always looking forward to add new and thrilling features for it’s users to keep up with time. It releases new features quite often and also keeps on working make more improvements on those feature to make them more advanced. Following this principle this time WhatsApp is bringing improvement to their previously released feature ‘sticker’. WhatsApp is providing a new shortcut to forward stickers instantly.

In the last update, WhatsApp beta for Android, WhatsApp had issued a latest way to forward official sticker packs to our groups and contacts. Following few current updates, WhatsApp is now attaching a shortcut to instantly forward a sticker.

Now many users may think that what is the need to launch this shortcut. So, let me clear your doubt here. This shortcut is very useful while sending sticker to your contacts. You don’t need to save it first nor you have to view the message option to forward it.

The credit goes to Fadi, Hypogriff and AnonymousWP for testing and reporting this feature. As of now ‘Forward Stickers’ is available for beta testers and to few those who install ‘WhatsApp for Android – web release’. But it will soon be available on WhatsApp beta for iOS too. For latest update on new release keep following us.


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