WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message
WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message

WhatsApp is releasing a new feature today, ‘voice waveforms for chat bubbles’. Recently it has been reported to release voice notes layout. The Facebook owned app was trying visual upgradation from some time. This new layout for voice notes is provided to select beta testers on Android and iOS.

This new release will make your chats look more interesting. In the current version existing voice messages play with only ‘play and pause button’ in linear layout. With the waveform your chat will become more fun and make you feel more connected. For more details about this new feature go through this full post.

WhatsApp voice waveforms for chat bubbles

As we all know WhatsApp keeps on rolling out new and exiting features for its users very often. Just a couple of days back WhatsApp announced a voice message feature ‘playback speeds’ in which you will be able to increase the speed of forwarded voice notes. Although this voice message feature is still under growth, WhatsApp is here with a latest voice feature.

Just after releasing voice waveforms during recording voice notes available to select beta testers, WhatsApp is now rolling out one more fascinating feature for Android and iOS users on WhatsApp beta. According to one of our previous reports WhatsApp was trying to improve on playing voice notes. Now a new interface is available which makes it possible to see voice waveforms in chat bubbles.

WhatsApp had enabled this format in WhatsApp beta for Android for a short term. It was immediately removed after a new update. Eventually today WhatsApp is rolling out the new format to select beta testers for Android and iOS smartphone users.

WhatsApp beta for android and for iOS are the compatible for this feature. Those select beta testers will now be able to view voice waveforms in chat bubbles. You will be able to view these voice waveforms for your voice messages only if your WhatsApp account has this feature enabled.

For now as this new format has release only to select WhatsApp beta testers for Android and iOS there are some points that you must know. If any sender has recorded the voice note using an old version of WhatsApp or if they have disabled the feature, the voice waveforms may nor appear in your chat.

However WhatsApp is planning to bring more activations in this feature after rolling out the new updates. So you have to wait for a while till you get new beta updates for your WhatsApp account


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