How to restore Instagram deleted posts
How to restore Instagram deleted posts

If you are an Instagram user and love sharing your photos on the application you must know about this Instagram feature that enables you to manage your content on the application. Instagram had rolled out ‘Recently Deleted’ feature on Feb 2021. With the help of this feature you can review and restore your Instagram deleted posts, stories and photos. Before the release of this feature, a deleted post could not be recovered.

Additionally the app has provided protections that will help you to prevent your account from hacking to deleting shared posts. Often when hackers gain access to an account they delete the contents of the account. Earlier users had no way to get back the deleted contents of their account.

Now with the help of this feature you can easily get back your all deleted posts. To know how you can review and recover your Instagram delete stories and photos via ‘Recently Deleted’ feature go through this post till the end.

‘Recently Deleted’ – feature to restore your Instagram Deleted Posts

All the deleted posts including your photos, stories, IGTV videos and reels will now move to the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder of your account. The deleted stories that are not in your archived section then it will stay in this folder for up to 24 hours. Other post will remain in the folder for up to 30 days, then they will get automatically deleted permanently. During these 30 days if you want to access your deleted content. You have to go to settings options then tap on the account option.

After this, tap on the recently deleted on the latest version of Instagram. From here either you can restore your content or permanently delete it. The new feature has also added extra verifications to keep your account safe from hackers. According to the Instagram post, “the app will now ask user to first verify that they are the rightful account holders before permanently deleting or restoring content from Recently Deleted”.

You can make your Instagram recently deleted feature work in just a few simple steps: At first open your Instagram account and go to your profile by tapping profile or your profile picture in the bottom right. Then tap more options in the top right and then tap settings. Then tap on account and go to recently deleted option. The option might not be visible if you haven’t deleted any content recently.

After this, users have to tap the content that they want to restore or delete them permanently like profile posts, video reels, archived stories on the top. Then select the particular photo, video or story you like to restore or delete. Then tap more options in the top right and choose ‘Restore’ or ‘Delete’. Hope these simple steps will guide you to restore your deleted posts in an easy way. Try it to get your deleted stories in your profile.


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