WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts
WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts

WhatsApp is working on the ability to ‘create community’ on iOS beta. The platform has submitted this new update through the TestFlight beta program. With this new update the version reaches to Creation of WhatsApp communities will be available in a future update. This feature will add more meaning to WhatsApp discussions.

WhatsApp is constantly working to upgrade the instant chat messaging platform for its customers to give them a better experience. This time the Meta owned business app is again ready with a new addition as creating WhatsApp communities. So let us find out what is new about this update.

WhatsApp working on CREATE COMMUNITY

At first let us discuss about what’s a community on WhatsApp. Most of you may know that WhatsApp community is a particular place where the group admins get more control over some WhatsApp groups. And the group admins can also link other groups in the community. Two weeks ago hidden references about the WhatsApp beta for Android was spotted in the WhatsApp beta for Android update.

The platform is ready with new WhatsApp messenger beta for iOS with the similar features that will allow you to create communities, as the first update for new year! However the feature is still in the development process and will be available to you in a future update. In an available preview you can see that like a common group chat. A community also has a name and description.

Admins will be able to combine up to 10 groups in one community after typing the name and community description. A new “announcement group” is also spotted in the screenshot which is auto generated by WhatsApp that allows group members to see the content of all the linked groups. The new WhatsApp community is also end to end encrypted, which means that after you join a community you won’t be able to browse groups that have been unlinked from a group admin.

Additionally when you leave any community you won’t be able to view the communities associated groups anymore. As mentioned earlier that the feature is presently in development. So there is no news on when the WhatsApp’s create community feature will release for beta testers.


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