Telegram nine designer created themes
Telegram nine designer created themes

Telegram has recently rolled out nine designer created themes feature for iOS and Android devices. All the nine themes are available in day as well as night modes. Moreover each of them has animated backgrounds and gradient message Bubbles also. Just like you could customize your previous themes these new available themes could also be completely customized and you can also share them with your friends.

Telegram is a simple, fast and Secure pure instant messaging app. It has over 500 million Android and iOS users all over the world. Telegram is one of the world’s top 10 most downloaded app .This app can be synced across all your devices. Let us discover about the recent ‘9 designer created theme’ on Telegram in this post.

Nine designer created themes on Telegram

Telegram is a free and open platform for stickers, bots and even third party apps. It believes in giving freedom to its users so that you can use it in a better way. The platform offers dozens of features to customize your chat appearances so that you can organize your chat in a better way.

Telegram themes are part of an open platform just like stickers and bots. This time Telegram is providing you with nine new designer themes so that you can co-ordinate and decorate your chat in your own way. This feature will be available for both iOS and android smartphones. The telegram designer team has created 9 new themes for you to apply in your chats.

All of these themes have gradient message Bubbles and beautifully animated background. Now you can design your own theme using different new colors and backgrounds and Dazzle the world. Additional the app supports Day mode and night mode with the different themes to suit your chat style. This means that you have customized control feature at your hand and you can change your theme at any time.

You just have to go to your chat settings to select your theme and mode. The feature had been previously released for iOS users, now the platform has released the same feature for Android users too. You can go to telegram’s official Twitter handle to get a preview of this latest release. For more news on latest releases and updates keep following us.



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