WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message
WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message

WhatsApp is recently working on a new feature for beta Android ‘Global voice note player‘. This feature will be available to the users on a future update. With this update the version reaches to This update contains hidden references about the Global voice message feature. WhatsApp has submitted this update through the Google Play beta program.

According to reports the instant messaging platform is testing this new feature on Android device. With the help of this feature you will be able to continue to listen to a voice message even when you switch from one chat to another. So let us find out the details of this new release in this article.

WhatsApp new Global voice note player for Android beta users

Just three months back an article was published on a feature that was spotted on WhatsApp beta for iOS which allows listening to voice notes even when you switch to a different chat. This feature was to be made available on a later update. In the same article it was also mentioned that the platform was planning to release the same feature for Android devices too.

But there was no announcements at that time. Finally the feature is here now. WhatsApp beta for Android will soon let users to play their voice notes in the background. The feature is under development process on WhatsApp beta for Android and will be available in a future update. It will enable you with the ability to listen to voice notes everywhere.

In a screenshot shared by a source you can see that the new voice note player appears on the top of the screen. When you start listening to a voice note and go back to your chats list while the voice note is playing, WhatsApp will show a new UI interface. This new users interface have pause, resume, dismiss the voice note and a progress bar button on the top.

This will allow you to continue listening to the note while navigating through different chats. This means that this new feature is going to make it easier for you to manage your voice notes and chat together!

As this feature is still under development process so it is not ready for beta testers yet. However the platform will announce the date for the activation of Global voice note player once it is ready. Till then keep following us to discover about all the latest rolling out features and new updates.


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