WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message
WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message

WhatsApp is rolling out a new Default Message Timer feature for WhatsApp beta for iOS. This new update is available on the app store which brings the version up to 2.21.2140. WhatsApp has been rolling out a number of applications for Android and iOS users from quite some time now. This new feature has been released for iOS users.

It has recently released a default message timer and multiple durations for the new disappearing messages. Now the messaging application is releasing these features on the app store for new WhatsApp update. To know what new feature the platform is providing this time read the full post.

Default message timer for WhatsApp beta for iOS

WhatsApp has previously announced that WhatsApp is rolling out new features about disappearing messages to people using stable updates. Finally today WhatsApp is releasing a compatible update of the same feature on App store. Default message timer is a new feature that will automatically enable new chat threads with disappearing messages.

You will be able to toggle this new settings within WhatsApp privacy settings. Adding to this feature, WhatsApp is also rolling out multiple durations when you enable disappearing messages in your chats. Currently the company has introduced two time durations i.e. 90 days and 24 hours. The platform had already released both feature for iOS and Android beta testers few time back, but now it is finally releasing them to stable users including WhatsApp business.

So now users have the option to turn on the new disappearing messages feature by default for all new their chats threads. When user will enable the new feature then all new chats that they or the other person start will be set to disappear at their chosen duration, and also a new added option while creating group chat that let users can turn it on for the groups you create.

This feature is totally optional and it neither changes nor deletes any of your existing chats. When you start a new chat, you will see a message stating that disappearing messages is enabled for your chat by default.



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