WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy
WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy

WhatsApp is rolling out new profile photos in notifications as the first feature of this new year! This feature is currently available to only some iOS beta testers on iOS 15. The latest feature is about system notifications that include profile photos in it. The instant messaging app is testing the new profile photo update which will appear in the notification.

This is the first major feature of 2022. In this feature the users will be able to see your profile picture in the notification bar when a message pops out. This feature is a very nice addition for iOS users. So far only the name of the contact showed when a message arrived, now the profile photo of the contact can also be seen along with the name in notifications.

WhatsApp to show the profile photos in notification in iOS beta

Finally WhatsApp has released its first feature of the Year. Now you can see the profile picture of the contact next to the message. This was not possible until now on iOS. WhatsApp has launched this visual feature only to testers of iOS beta currently. If you are IOS 15 user and have updated the WhatsApp version you can avail this feature.

As seen in the screenshot of the notifications sample shared by a source the instant messaging application has added the support to include the profile pictures in notification window. When you receive new messages from individual chats or group chat. The platform has been testing in beta version for iOS devices that the profile image of a user appears in the notification when you receive a message.

This is a very helpful feature for iOS users. The first new feature for the platform uses APLs in IOS 15 to add profile photos to notifications in top screen banners and notifications. If the feature is not available to your WhatsApp account and you can’t see the profile picture in your notification yet it is because WhatsApp is planning to release this feature for other accounts at a later date.

WhatsApp is making the change at first for beta testers before rolling it out to millions of iOS users worldwide. So that they can report issues that they may experience while adding profile photos to notifications. However as a beta feature, new updates that improve the feature is expected soon.


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