Design Selfie stickers on Instagram
Design Selfie stickers on Instagram

It is very important to organize your Instagram feed for whatever purpose you use the app. But you should know that you can always hide your posts on Instagram without deleting them. Instagram posts are mainly the photos you share on this platform.

Hiding your post without deleting them gives you the freedom to restore and display them again at a later date in case you change your mind or just want to reorganize your feed. By hiding post your photos will remain available for you in the platform. So, if you don’t know how you can hide your Instagram photos read this article to find out.

How to hide Instagram posts

Instagram is mainly photo sharing social networking platform. A lot of Instagram users try to maintain a pleasing Instagram feed. There are a lot of different themes available that allows you to show an organized and aesthetic feed. ‘Archiving posts’ is a feature that can help you to reorganize your feed very nicely. This feature helps you to hide those post that you do not want to delete.

It is useful if you want to remove some of your memories. But still they keep and revisit later on that post. You will also be able to keep the comments and likes that you received the first time you posted them and those comments and likes will be visible when you restore the photo again to your feed. However this Achieve feature was rolled out in 2017, but still many people know about it. So, here we have explained how you can use this simple feature in the most effective way:

Open Instagram on your phone and then go to your profile. Then open the photos or posts that you want to hide. On the top right corner of your screen you can see three dots. Tap on that three dots. You will find the Archive option. As you select this option your post will be removed from your Instagram feed. Recovering these Archived posts is also very simple.

You can find them on the app itself. You just have to go to your profile and tap on the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen. Select Archive from the menu. You can see all of your Instagram stories history here. Now tap on the drop-down button and select ‘posts Archive’ from the options. Here you will be able to see all your hidden posts.

From here you can also restore the posts to your feed. Hope this article will be helpful in giving you more control over your profile and feed. Try the Handy tips and play around with it enjoying yourself while organizing your perfect Instagram feed.


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