WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts
WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts

WhatsApp is a social media app. It is commonly used as an instant messaging app. We share a lot of media files with it’s help such as photos, videos, voice clips and a lot more. We can also make video and audio calls with it. As a popular messaging app it keeps on introducing new features frequently. It isn’t long since it rolled out ‘sticker maker’ for desktop client. Now WhatsApp is rolling out the new message reaction info feature.

A bit of time had passed after we discussed on reacting on messages. The feature was then in the developing process. Today we have a latest information for you regarding the development of this feature. For detail go through this post.

WhatsApp new Message Reaction info

WhatsApp is thinking out to introduce the chances to give reaction to message in coming update. Two months back a new feature was found in WhatsApp ‘ability to react to a WhatsApp message’. However this feature is recent and yet to be developed. In a previous article we described that user will be able to see who reacted to their message. Reacting to any message is not an unusual expression. Here we will present you specifications about the feature in this article.

As mentioned earlier WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging app. As of that sending messages and reacting on them is very common. For this reason WhatsApp is putting effort to introduce ‘Message reactions’. Reactions will be visible for both individual chat threads as well as group chats also. The option ‘reaction info’ will allow us to see who reacted to the message.

You will find a lot of reaction options on the first tab ‘All’. Then there is a separate tab for WhatsApp group who react to a message using a particular emoji. For now 6 Emojis are available to you for reacting. Theirs’s one point to note that you will be able to react only once to a certain message. This feature was sighted in the development phase for WhatsApp beta for iOS. Now WhatsApp is looking forward to bring the same capability for WhatsApp beta for Android.

As of now ‘Message Reactions’ is not available to the users because development of this feature is still in progress. Yet no announcements have been made from the website regarding release date of this feature. But, there are possibilities to avail it in future update. We are alert regarding any news about this feature and will keep you up to date if there is any. Till then stay tuned!



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