WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message
WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message

WhatsApp is working on a new feature, ‘Filtering Business Nearby‘. This feature gives the users ability to search for Nearby business through filter. The feature will be available in a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS devices.

Just after WhatsApp announced the new chat shortcut for quick replies there is news that this Meta owned instant messaging platform is developing more new features for its users. WhatsApp’s new business filter feature is the latest one the company has been working on recently. This feature is really very helpful for business. To know more about this feature read this post till the end.

WhatsApp’s filtering business nearby

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging app which helps you to stay connected to your near and dear ones in simplest way. But only just then messaging, it has much more to offer to its customers. It keeps adding new features day by day to make the platform more useful by upgrading it.

Just 6 months back the first appearance of the feature was reported as ‘Business Directory’. You already know that through business directory you can quickly search for new business accounts on WhatsApp without leaving the app. The feature is currently available to only some users in Sao Paulo. But it will be available to more users in future.

Now a report reveals that WhatsApp is finally working on the new business nearby feature for Android and IOS beta by filtering them using a new interface which will help you to search for business nearby in an easy way. Users can use this feature in WhatsApp search section. At present WhatsApp search features includes photos, videos, links, audios, documents and GIF’s.

When the new business nearby feature launches it will include restaurant, grocery store, Apparel and clothing and much more. In a preview of a screenshot shared you can see that when you search anything within WhatsApp, you will find a new ‘Business nearby’ section. When you choose your categories the result of the business account will be filtered based on your choice.

Although the available preview is taken from WhatsApp beta for Android the same feature will also be released for WhatsApp beta for iOS. The new filtering business nearby feature is currently under development. It will roll out for those users who use the business directory. However there is no information about its release date but it will roll out soon in a future date.



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