WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy
WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy

WhatsApp is a social media platform and it collects many information that we share in it. This popular app has an enormous user base. So it is very evident to become target of cyber criminals. Keeping this point in mind WhatsApp has kept some privacy futures for the security of it’s users. Among many available features one most important feature is ‘ Block’ and ‘Unblock’ contacts on WhatsApp.

We have been using messaging services for conversation from a very long time. WhatsApp has bought a revolution in this messaging system. As WhatsApp uses internet to send messages the cost is notably less than normal texting. Thus users can chat unlimited using this instant messaging app in a more fun way. To know how to block and unblock someone simple steps read this article till the end.

WhatsApp Block and Unblock Contacts

Privacy features are an important part of any social networking site. It gives us space to be ourselves. Block and Unblock Contact help us to maintain appropriate social boundaries. It gives us power to choose with whom we share our personal information. Many a times we get unwanted messages and calls. To stop receiving such messages, calls and status updates, the simplest way WhatsApp has provided us is Block them. Here is how you can block anyone easily.

Open your WhatsApp chat with the particular contact you want to block. At the top right hand corner of your display you will see three vertical dots. Tap on that. A menu will appear in front of you with several options. After this, they have to tap on the ‘More’ option. Then tap the ‘Block’ option from the list displayed.

Another way is, to open your chat with the contact then tap on the name of the contact. Scroll down. You will find ‘Block’ and ‘Report Contact’ option there. Simply tap on the block option and the particular contact will be blocked. Now how to unblock the block users on WhatsApp.

If you want to Unblock a contact, open your WhatsApp home screen. Then tap the three vertical dots. You will get the ‘More options’ menu. Go to settings from that menu. From the Settings menu users have to tap on the ‘Account’ option then tap on ‘Privacy’ and Scroll down. You will see ‘Blocked Contacts’ option tap on that. There you will find a list of your blocked contacts. Users have to choose the contact that you want to unblock.

A message will pop up for confirmation to unblock the particular contact. Tap on it and you have successfully unblocked your blocked contact. Some important point to know are, WhatsApp never tells anyone weather they have been blocked or not. Another point is that after unblocking someone you won’t receive any messages, calls or status updates that they sent during the time they were blocked.



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