WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy
WhatsApp New Shortcut for Status Privacy

WhatsApp is releasing a new UI improvements for the (UWP) Universal Windows Platform app. The instant messaging application has submitted this update through the official beta channel on Microsoft store. With this update the version reaches to 2.2201.2.0. This feature is second WhatsApp update of the year for the universal windows platform.

In this new feature the platform brings small user interface improvements in particular for the windows native beta app. Earlier WhatsApp had released its first update adding new emojis for the platform in the month of November last year enabling users to make skin tone combination for couple emojis on the app.

WhatsApp UI improvements for (UWP) Universal Windows platform

In the new update for UWP, the Meta owned WhatsApp is bringing slight improvements in some elements of the user interface. This is the second update that came in this year for the universal Windows platform app. In the previous update of UWP 2.2149.1.0 version the app brought feature on some bug fixes. Now in this new version there are some changes in the user interface. Reportedly some UI elements at present follow rules from the Windows UI library 2.7.

Some screenshots have been released comparing the improved interface and the old interface, in which you can see that the major differences are about colors and size. However the changes are not very huge and important, but the thing that matters is that the platform is starting to bring improvements for the user interface. These small improvements from developers team bring big differences.

You can expect to see more changes to the interface in the next beta updates. Additionally the platform is also planning a compatible dark theme soon in a future update. Credit goes to Hypogriff and Anhelloooo for testing and reporting about this feature. Notably WhatsApp is always looking forward for feedback from you so that it can bring more improvements to the new Beta app. Follow us to discover about all the latest news on the coming updates.



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