WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message
WhatsApp Shortcut to Search Message

WhatsApp is releasing a new settings feature for iOS messenger beta ‘Reaction Notifications’. This feature is very soon bringing message reactions to you. With this update the version reaches to 22.2.72. The platform has submitted this update through the TestFlight beta program. The same version within WhatsApp settings is marked 2.22.2 2.72.

In this current version of WhatsApp Messenger and business beta the Instant messaging platform from Meta has added several new features. According to reports in this new release WhatsApp messenger beta for iOS, the WhatsApp Message Reactions will get a separate Settings Menu. With the rollout of this feature WhatsApp will also become like Facebook Messenger. So, let us find out what is new in this update.

WhatsApp New Settings Feature to manage Reaction Notifications

WhatsApp has been working on the message reaction feature for a while. This feature was first reported in August. In a previous article about WhatsApp messenger beta for iOS update, reports were published about new setting where you could manage your reactions for notification.

This time the platform has rolled out the same feature for new WhatsApp Messenger beta and business beta, which gives you the ability to enable and disable the notifications when people give reactions to your message.

As shown in the screenshot of the available preview, the WhatsApp iOS settings menu contains a toggle area for Reaction Notifications. You can see that now you can manage when you want reactions for individual chats and group chats. You also have other options like ‘Show Notifications’ and assign notifications sound to be played when you receive a notifications. However these options were already present on WhatsApp for iOS but the Reactions Notification toggle is new.

Sadly, in the current beta versions it is not yet possible to manage this settings. But the settings to manage notifications related to message reactions is available. This is an indication that the feature will be available very soon. Reportedly when the feature will be available you can react to a message with the set of emojis.

Thanks to Spencer for testing the feature and reporting about it. You will know when there will be a global rollout for the ability to react to messages. Be with us to stay up to date for all the latest news.



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