WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts
WhatsApp rolling out new Emoji Shortcuts

WhatsApp is developing a new feature ‘Animation for Heart Emojis’ for Android and iOS. It planned to be release the new feature to support animating all heart emojis for android and iOS. The platform further plans to add animation for all the heart emojis.

The instant messaging app is also reportedly working on the possibility to link the new feature with the message reaction feature. In a stable update for WhatsApp beta for web desktop users, this feature is already enabled. So let us know more about these animated emojis just in time to make your year ending. Also, the new year messages more colorful!

WhatsApp new animation for heart emojis

After WhatsApp announced that it is working on end to end encryption indicators for a future update, now WhatsApp is planning to add one more small additional feature about emojis. While we were looking forward for an update on message reaction on WhatsApp beta for Android and IOS, it is working on another small updates animating heart emojis.

At present beating Red Heart animated emoji is available specifically for Red heart only for mobile users. The platform is planning to implement the same animation feature for all other heart emojis as well on android and iOS devices. So you may be able to add animation effect to heart emojis within your chat.

The screenshot shared by a source suggest that all the heart emojis of various colors will get the animation effect like the red heart. This effect will improve their visual appeal. Though this is a very small and simple addition but it surely makes a huge difference. The shared preview is taken from WhatsApp for iOS. But the Meta owned app also plans to release a new update of Android beta. That will support the same feature.

This same animation is already present on WhatsApp beta for web and desktop versions also. You can check the new animation effect before release on the available preview video.
However this feature is at present under development process so it is not available for beta testers. But it will release in a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS. Follow us for more updates in our coming articles.


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