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Special Gifts for the Special person

FREE Redeem codes or Coupon Codes -Yitake

This coupon codes for lucky users only.

This Redeem code can be used by one user only once. If you don’t get the redeem code then wait for the next new code. We add the new Redeem code for you at a certain time.

Users will get the Random Redeem code of Rs 10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100, 200, 250, 400, 500, and 1000.

How to get the newly updated Redeem Code?

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel press the bell icon and set it all to get the notification of my video. In those videos, we announce the new Redeem code for you. We announce the new Redeem code in any video.

How to redeem this Redeem code?

To Redeem this code you have to copy the given code then go to the Google Play Store. To copy the code you have to tap on the Redeem Code button and wait for a few seconds. The Copy button will appear and you have to tap on the copy button to copy your redeem code. Tap on the profile photo or icon on the top of the right corner once you go to the play store.

Tap on the Payments and subscriptions option then tap on the Redeem gift code. Paste you’re copied redeem code them tap on the Redeem button at the bottom. Congratulation! you have redeemed your code. Now you are can purchase anything in the game like outfits, characters, virtual skin, vehicle skin, etc.

Note: Special person one redeems code for one user only.