Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India) some strict rules for under 18 users.

The most famous mobile game in India and globally, PUBG Mobile India is coming up with a new name Battlegrounds Mobile India. This game is going to be launched in India soon, and the pre-registration of this game has started from May 18. Before launching the game company (Krafton) has released some new basic rules for youngsters. Let’s know Battlegrounds Mobile India rules.

Battleground Mobile India some basic strict rules for youngsters.

According to the game developer company (Krafton), many special measures have been taken for users below 18 years. They will need parental permission to play the game. Users below the age of 18 years will have to give their parents’ number to the company for play the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India account verification for under 18 users.

The children who are under 18 have to give their parent’s mobile number to the company for verification. If they don’t provide their parent’s mobile number then their account not be verified to play the game. This rules is only for under 18 users, not for everyone.

In app purchases limit for under 18 users.

The players who are under 18 can only use RS 7000 for in-app purchases. They are not able on in-app purchases more than RS 7000. The company has passed these rules for children under 18 years. If you are over 18 years old, then these rules are not for you.

Time limit to play the game per day for youngsters

Players who are under 18 years of age can play the game for only 3 hours every day. The company has not allowed the small child to play the game for more than 3 hours. If you are under 18 then, you can’t play the game more than 3 hours. Battleground Mobile India has been specially designed for the Indian game lovers and that the company is going to launch it soon.

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