Stylish Text - Fonts Keyboard
Stylish Text - Fonts Keyboard

Stylish Text – Fonts Keyboard, Stickers, Nicknames

Stylish Text is one of the best and popular keyboard app that lets users to chat with anyone using different-different text style. Users can also create their own style fonts.


  • Different types of stylish fonts
  • Create your Own Style text
  • Stylish number fonts
  • Different types of Arts
  • Different types of theme

How to Send stylish messages using Stylish Text – fonts keyboards app?

Users can easily send the stylish messages to anyone with stylish fonts. To send the stylish message you have to go to the Google Play store and search stylish fonts. Tap on the stylish font app and install in your phone. You can also download the stylish messages app via given link below. Open the stylish font app and and tap on the greater than icon (>) then tap on the (S) stylish icon.

Tap on the (S) icon at the bottom of the center then tap on the Stylish Text Keyboard option. After this, tap on the Enable keyboard option and grant the permission then tap on the Switch Keyboard option and select the Stylish keyboard. Now open the WhatsApp, other social media, messaging app etc to to use the different types of stylist font.

You can type the text in different-different fonts to see the preview of the font that who it looks. You can also send the font directly to your chat on the WhatsApp. Users can also create their own stylish font. You can copy the font style to send the font style to the users.



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