Use the Lock for Whats Chat App to secure your WhatsApp chat and WhatsApp

Locker for WhatsApp Chat app

Locker for Whats Chat is one of the best apps that lets you secure your chat. You can lock your WhatsApp chat and secure them from unauthorized access.


  • Secure your WhatsApp chat
  • Send a Message to the Unsaved number
  • Add the Fingerprint Authentication
  • hide the notification of the app, etc

How to secure WhatsApp chat using the Chat Lock app?

Users can easily secure their WhatsApp chat. To secure their chat they have to go to the Google Play Store and search for the Chat lock app. Tap on the chat lock app to install it on their phone. Users can also download the chat lock app via the link below. Open the chat lock app once you have downloaded it on your phone and enter the 4-digit passcode.

Re-enter the same passcode for the confirmation then tap on the setup option to set the recovery email to reset your PIN. You can skip this process if you want to set the recovery email later. Tap on the Enable option and enable the Accessibility option for the chat lock app. Tap on the plus icon (+) at the bottom enter the passcode then select the chat. Once you select the chat then it will be added to this app and add the lock to this chat.

Now when you open your WhatsApp and go to chat that you secure then it will ask for the PIN. You have to enter your passcode then you will be able to chat with your contacts on WhatsApp. If you want to remove the lock or security from your chat then open the chat locker app and tap on the select option then select the chat. After this, tap on the remove option and the lock or security is removed from your chat.


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