WhatsApp working on the new feature Indicators for End-to-End Encryption for Desktop beta

WhatsApp is working on new indicators for end-to-end encryption features. This feature has been reported to be rolling for Desktop users. The update will be available through the official beta channel. With this update, the version reaches up to 2.2206.1.

The platform is reportedly planning to add a new footer in this update, which will indicate that all your messages are end-to-end encrypted in future dates. The Meta-owned app has always prioritized the privacy of its users. It has several privacy features to secure your WhatsApp account. With this latest addition, it is enhancing the security functions within the app.

WhatsApp new Indicators for End-to-End Encryption

You all know that end-to-end encryption is a privacy feature that ensures that only you and the recipient can see what you have shared. Nobody in between, not even the company can read or listen to your messages. It means that your data is fully secure with a lock.

An article on end-to-end encryption features for iPhone users was published two months back. It announced that WhatsApp was developing indicators for the privacy feature on the iOS app which explains that your chats are fully encrypted. The new WhatsApp desktop beta release brings some information about a future update.

In the available screenshot released by a source, you can see that the platform is bringing a new footer at the end of your chats list which will indicate that your messages are end-to-end encrypted. You can learn more on the official WhatsApp security page about how this encryption works.

As this feature is under development right now it is not available to beta testers. Like every other under-development feature the developer’s team may bring some more changes in it before its final release. However, the WhatsApp Dev team is working on this feature in the current beta version. So even if the indicators for end-to-end encryption are not visible to you at present the changes have already been introduced in this update.

You will get information as soon as there is news regarding any updates to this feature. Keep following us to know about all the upcoming developments.

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