WTMP - Who touched my phone app
WTMP - Who touched my phone app

Many times you notice that someone try to use your phone and attempt multiple times to unlock your phone. But you don’t know who try to unlock and use my phone. WTMP Who touched my phone app lets you know who touched your phone.

It save the users face who try to use your phone. It will save the successful and failure unlock attempt report for your phone. You are also able to see which app they use on your phone.

WTMP – Who touched my phone?

Who touched my phone app is one of the most popular app that lets users to see who try to open your phone without your permission. This app capture the users faces who try to access your phone without your permission.



  • Set the password for the authentication for this app
  • Show or hide the app notification from your notification panel
  • Enable the option to see the all used app without your permission
  • Choose the max number of photo in one report
  • Enable option to save the unlock attempts report
  • Monitoring the failed and successful unlock attempt
  • Dark and light theme available on this app etc

How to use the WTMP – Who touched my phone app?

Users can easily use this Who touched my phone to see who tries to open your phone. To see who open your phone you have to download the who touched my phone app. You have to go to the Google Play Store and search who to my phone and download this app. You can also download the WTMP app via given link below.

Open the app once your have installed it and tap on the Next option then tap on the power button icon on the middle of the right side. It will ask for the camera permission once you have tap on the power button icon and you have to tap on the Ok option to grant permission to this app. Once your have grant permission then close the app and it is ready to capture the use who try to access your phone.

When the users try to open your phone with wrong password, pin, etc then it capture their picture with front camera without letting them know. You can see unlock your phone to see their face that who try to access my phone without my permission.

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