Use the Old Phone Dialer Keypad Rotary app to set the Old style phone keypad

Old Phone Dialer Keypad Rotary app

This is one of the most popular apps that allows users to set the old retro-style phone dialer on their phone. You can make the calls like an old retro-style phone dialer.


  • Set the old-style phone dialer
  • Change the retro-style dialer themes
  • Set the Black, Classic Wooden, Blue, and Metallic style phone dialer

How to set the Rotary dialer using the Old Phone Dialer Keypad app?

Users can easily set the Rotary keypad on their phone. To set the rotary keypad you have to go to the Google Play Store and search the old phone dialer app. Tap on the Old Phone Dialer app to download the app on your phone. You can also download the Rotary keypad app on your phone via the link below. Open the Rotary keypad app once you have installed it on your phone and tap on the Accept option.

You will see the Retro old-style phone dialer on your phone. Tap on the phone Receiver icon in the middle of the retro dialer and grant permission to this app. Now you can make the call with a retro phone dialer. To make the call with the retro phone dialer you have to type on the number and half turn the circle in the clockwise direction. Enter the 10-digit phone number and tap on the phone receiver to make the call. You can also change the theme of the retro phone dialer.

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